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Birds love the sky because of their wings.
So bird-lovers let the weeping birds from the nest to the sky.

One day, a forty year-old man and a seven year-old son were walking along the 'Sule' road in the heart of Yangon, the city of Myanmar. They were gazing and paying homage to the 'Sule Pagoda'. They turned up the zebra near the pagoda, the son showed his father to an old man. The old man put several birds in the nest and he was peddling birds and bird's food.

Son: Papa, may I have a bird?
Father: Why do you want a bird?
Son: You see. All colored birds are beautiful. I want to keep them in a nest.
Father: Oh! No, you don't have to do it. It is a sin. One day may be you also are refused to go anywhere like a bird in the nest.
Son: So what about the old man, selling the birds in the nest? What about me if I'll buy and I'll free them from the nest?
Father: All right. It is a good doing. You can get profit for your life and I'll buy it for you. Then he bought some birds and let his son free them.
When the son took the birds from the nest, the father said,
'You don't free it right away, you have to say before releasing it that I free you one time and you have to free me ten times'.
Son: I let it only one time and it will let me ten times. It is very greedy. Don 't they think it is fair, Papa? Father: You don't understand. Do it what I said.
Then the son kept quiet and he humbled every time before he freed the birds.
After he finished the birds that his father bought, he told to his father that there were many birds remain in the nest and he wanted to free them all.
Father: Son, I can't spend my money only on the birds. We have homage to the Pagoda with flowers, candle lights, water and so on. We have to spend our money also on it. You can get some takings for your life again.
Son: Papa, here we can also get some profits for our life. Please buy all for me.
Father: there are many kinds of profits for life. If you pay homage to the pagoda with flower, your news will be good. If you offer water to pagoda, you can get ten achievements from it. If you donate the clothes, you will be a fashionable man and you have plenty of suits. Do you want anything? If you have something to get, you can donate something again.
The son stilled and thought a little while.
Son: I get something for my life by freeing the birds. If the old man didn't keep it in the nest, how can I get that kind of profits?
Father: . . .
Son: He made me getting something for my future life. Am I grateful to him? He is the one who selling the profits for our future life, isn't it, Papa?
If there are no birds, no buyers, what will be?
If there are no birds-hunters, no birds-sellers, what will be?
Then the good-wills, the profits, the sins . . .


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