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The Lion and the Refrigerator

It is safer to stay near a lion with full stomach than near a filthy rich person.

The starting
Sleeping: It is a regular exercise of all living creatures which would restore and renew energy and strength required for tomorrows by means of systematic preparation. It is essential for our living through three phases of past, present and future with struggle and great anticipation.

Sex: It is a punishment laid down by the nature. People can not rebel it for continuation of next generation. The amazing curses such as an attraction between positive and negative charges, an esteem of undying fire, a harmonious disorder of blood circulation and a sensation of blindness are folded and submerged in sea water to prevent rebellion of this punishment. This is a law for all creatures to be obeyed.

Animal: Human beings named it to those living things who know only to have sleeping, eating and sex.

Human: Amidst the variety of living things around the world, human is the one who accepted oneself as the most talented living thing with such behavior of standing against the earth upon two feet, walking straight and head in upright position. Human is the carnivores who possess three types of teeth which enable them to eat meat, fruits and vegetables. Human is the one who invented the time which is the origin of past, present and future. (They were distinguished among the living creatures by wearing timepiece.) Non-eatable money was invented by that creature and they themselves made practice on worshiping that money. Human is the one who thoroughly understand and come across with greediness, anger and anxiety which others living things cannot understand but they still love to enjoy that feelings. Human is the one who accustomed with several kinds of routine like affections, sorrows, expectations, forgiveness, pains and revenges and who also accustomed in the cage of routine recycle Human is the one who learns the nature of death and keep going to the journey of infinity between heaven and hell with lots of wishes.
This kind of living creature is called human who meets with those numerous facts.
About a lion
Lion is an animal.
Past Time: A lion never plans for hunting food before it gets hungry. It does not worry about food when it is not enough to eat at the moment that it gets hungry.
Present Time: That is why a lion starts to make hunting enthusiastically at the moment it gets hungry and its' stomach makes it trouble in order to free from those troubles. It may not be able to eat anymore after his stomach is full.
Future Time: The lion never preserve any food for the days to come after he had had his stomach full.
But one day, that animal which we called lion with lower IQ level finishes his life under the umbrella of death.

About a human
Human is an animal.
Past Time: Human who possesses higher IQ level vigorously preserves foods to eat at the time he feels hungry.
Present Time: So, when he feels hungry he cooks the foods which he preserves vigorously to eat to satisfy his stomach.
Future Time: That human after filling his stomach, store foods with the intention of eating them in coming days. As soon as he stores the food that is in his hands, he tries to possess another food which is not in his possession.
But one day, that human with higher IQ level than animal finishes his life under the umbrella of death.
I, after reading about the lion and the human, felt so hot in my heart and want to drink cold water so I open the door of refrigerator to take a cool drink. As I opened the door I saw one huge lion looking at my book, roaring at me and said 'you human beings are becoming the one and only creature on the earth that could read book.' After saying this he runs away hurriedly into the sky. I didn't know when he came into my refrigerator.

About a refrigerator
People invented refrigerator to preserve the food without rotting and to be long lasting. (One thing I have been secretly investigated is that people are trying to invent one machine which can store life and death.)

The end
One upon a time, the delicious fruit from earth disappear because of the avarice of the human being.
Once Buddha prohibited the novices who are the sons of Buddha not to keep the food for further use, in the days of 21st century, it was found that urban people civilize with possession of refrigerator, in contrast, lions are going to extinct from the earth.
Oh! By the way have you already bought the refrigerator?


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